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ST. LOUIS – You Paid For It is digging into the St. Louis city county merger deal being unveiled Monday by the group Better Together.

Already municipal mayors are lining up against it.  At a meeting Thursday they voted on their own plan for deciding what form of government is best for the area.

Elliott Davis talked to Ferguson Mayor James Knowles who disagrees most strongly with Better Together’s plan for a statewide vote to decide the issue. He says it’s not fair to let voters in Kansas City and elsewhere in the state decide what happens in St Louis.  Elliott also talked to St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger who supports Better Together’s plan.  He says he’d prefer a local vote but going statewide is the only way for this plan to work.  He says a merger would create America’s 9th or 10th largest city and save as much as a billion dollars in the cost of running government.

Mayor Knowles says supporters of the deal can’t pass it locally and so they’re turning to voters statewide.