Students stranded after school bus driver shortage

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ST. LOUIS – The You Paid For It Team getting results for a frustrated mother whose daughter was left stranded day after day because of the school bus driver shortage. Chiquita Hill’s daughter, a 10th grader in the St. Louis Public School District, was left standing at the bus stop for buses that didn’t show. It is a nationwide problem being felt in school districts all across the St. Louis area.

Her mother called FOX 2 for help. We turned to Superintendent Kelvin Adams, who promised to act. Hill said they’re now getting daily bus service. She said whenever the bus doesn’t show, a cab arrives.

Hill said someone at the district called to apologize for the inconvenience.

Superintendent Adams did not sugarcoat the severity of the situation. Approximately 16,000 students are transported in the St. Louis School District. But the district is short seven permanent drivers and the situation is often made worse when some of the drivers either call in sick or just don’t show.

The district has made arrangements with cab companies to transport students that miss the bus. That could cost the district as much as an extra $250,000.

Adams said they’re also looking and contracting with a smaller bus company on top of the one they have now to help solve the issue.

At present, companies are trying their best to hire drivers. No one is sure how long this crisis will last.

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