You Paid for It: State Auditor’s investigators turn their attention to Town and Country

You Paid For It

TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. – Investigators from the Missouri State Auditor’s Office visited Town and Country on Tuesday to meet with citizens. They’re investigating spending by the city to see if residents’ tax dollars have been wasted.

Residents launched a petition drive and collected more than 800 signatures to get the auditor here. You Paid for It has covered this story from the beginning when organizer Lindsey Butler overcame opposition from the Town and Country Board of Aldermen. There was even a resolution by an alderman calling on citizens not to sign the petition or to take their name off if they had signed it.

That resolution went nowhere but it riled up even more citizens.

Representatives from the auditor’s office got information from citizens on what they wanted to see investigated. The auditor’s office says it will look at all the city department and may find spending that citizens didn’t point out.

The audit may take about seven months to complete and may cost the city up to $135,000.

Residents say it’s worth the cost to find out how their officials are spending their money.

Anyone with information that didn’t get to attend Tuesday’s meeting with the auditor’s investigators can go to their website to confidentially submit their material.

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