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SUNSET HILLS, Mo. – Residents in Sunset Hills who are fighting a keep a million and a half-gallon water tower from being built behind their homes now have support from city officials.

The board of aldermen rejected the Missouri American Water project at first but passed it on a re-vote with Mayor Patricia Fribis breaking the tie. In this latest round, aldermen voted against the issuance of a permit needed for the project.

The new tower will hold 1.5 million gallons of water compared with the current one that holds 250,000 gallons. It’ll stand 105 feet tall and have a radius of 82 feet.

Residents in the Sunset Hills neighborhood say the new water tower would be 60 feet from some of their homes. 

Fox 2’s Elliott Davis spoke with alderwomen Cathy Friedman and Christine Lieber. They both said they were concerned that the project didn’t meet the city’s zoning laws and that it might pose a danger to residents’ safety. 

The fight is not over yet. There are several other government bodies that have to weigh in. But Sunset Hills residents say getting their own aldermen on their side is a huge step in the right direction.