ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Residents of an unincorporated St. Louis County subdivision are getting results after contacting FOX 2’s “You Paid For It” investigative team about a burned-out abandoned home. The house in the Florissant area subdivision had been sitting vacant for five and a half years, and it was an awful sight.

Reginald Newburn had been working for five years to get the house torn down. He sent emails, called, and attended county council meetings.

Newburn first called FOX 2 in April to try to get something done. The abandoned house was becoming a real nightmare, with drug dealers and vagrants using it. Reginald was determined to make a change.

After he called You Paid For It, Investigator Elliott Davis got on the case. He reached County Executive Sam Page’s spokesman, Doug Moore.

Moore promised action and results. But when the house was still standing months later, Elliott reached out to Moore again. This time, he provided a definite date for the demolition. Sure enough, the demolition began in October, and it’s nearly finished.

”You getting involved, Elliott Davis, and channel two. It took you getting involved to make things happen,” said Reginald Newburn. “It’s a shame that I had to go through this many steps for this long. I’m going to accept it for what it is. It’s done now, and I’m happy about it.”