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HILLSBORO, Mo. – A member of the Jefferson County Board of Health insists that mask mandates do no good and will not stem the rising tide of COVID-19 cases.

Suzy Davis opposed the county’s mandatory mask mandate, which the board passed last Wednesday after previous measures failed to work.

Jefferson County Health Director Kelley Vollmar said something needed to be done. The county’s COVID positivity rate recently hit 28 percent.

But Davis has been adamantly against mask mandates, saying they interfere with citizens’ constitutional rights.

It’s been a pressing issue since August when the board overturned a mask order the day after it passed.

The new proposal says, “all persons age 10 and above are required to wear a clean face mask any time they are or will be in contact with other people in public spaces who are not household members.”

And Jefferson County may not have seen the last of restrictions because of COVID. Vollmar said the health department will review the situation in 21 days to see if there’s any improvement and if more measures may be required.