You Paid For It: The price of safety on Metro transit

You Paid For It
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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Fox 2 News investigative reporter Elliott Davis traveled to Atlanta as part of an You Paid For It inquiry into security on Metrolink here in St Louis.

Many St Louis Metrolink passengers say they don’t feel safe on the trains. They complain of being intimidated by other passengers and about illegal activities on the platforms.

The public was riveted by a dramatic beating on Metrolink trains caught on camera. Part of the problem is security for the Metrolink system that relies in part on security guards who have no powers of arrest and cannot legally take anyone into custody. They’re told to radio for police in case of trouble.

Elliott traveled to Atlanta to look at its transit system called MARTA. That system has its own separate police force of 300 commissioned officers that patrol the stations, the platforms, and are very visible on the trains.

All that security seems to be paying off for MARTA passengers, who say they feel safe on the trains.

Elliott spoke with Metro CEO John Nations, who admits passengers would be safer if Metro had a commissioned police force. He says various legislatures would have to okay that.

Nations did not say if Metro would make a move to try to get a commissioned police force here to better protect passengers who ride the trains.

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