You Paid For It: University City officials spending $2 M to move from recently renovated chambers

You Paid For It

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – Fox 2’s Elliott Davis digs into the decision by University City officials to relocate its city council chambers that it paid to have renovated years back.

The city plans to spend more than $2 million dollars to relocate the council chamber and the courts to a former library building next door.

City hall was built in the early 1900s. It was dedicated as the community’s city hall in 1930. Around 2004, a bond issue was approved for millions of dollars for major improvements to city hall and the council chambers to make the building ADA accessible.

Former Mayor Shelley Welsh criticizes the decision to move the council chambers out of historic city hall to another building saying it should remain in its historic surroundings. But City Manager Gregory Rose said the reason is to make the council chamber more accessible to the disabled.

Former Mayor Welsh said it already is accessible to the disabled and adds if officials want to make it more accessible, just make the elevator bigger and or improve entry.  She adds there’s no guarantee the old former library will be any more accessible than the current city hall. 

The move will be completed by 2023

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