You Paid For It: Visiting Nashville to see effects of city-county merger

You Paid For It
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The You Paid For It Team heads to Nashville Tennessee, the first city-county in the nation to do a total consolidation.

Better Together is pushing a consolidation plan in St. Louis that’s not nearly as comprehensive.

Nashville not only consolidated its government but also the police and fire departments, and even the school district.

The Better Together plan, if approved, would not merge the fire department or school districts.

One key difference in the Nashville consolidation is that their city-county merger was decided locally, with voters in Nashville and Davidson County getting to decide.

Better Together wants a statewide vote, where residents all over Missouri will decide what happens to St. Louis city and county.

Elliott Davis talked to Nashville’s vice mayor, who said the consolidation deserves some of the credit for their current building boom and thriving economy.

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