ST. LOUIS – The You Paid For It team headed back to see homeowner Rosemary Williamson at her house in north St. Louis. We first went out there after she called because of water line issues the city’s Water Department wouldn’t solve.

The problem had water flowing in front of her house and down the block. This created low water pressure inside the home, making it tough for her to even take a bath.

When our news team arrived, the flooding in front of her house was no longer there, but the low water pressure was just as bad as ever.

“My kitchen, the water is still slow. The bath tub started off good, but then the dirt came out, and now it flows very little,” Williamson said. “I’m tired. I’m sick of it. I thank you for coming out and helping. I called 622, I called the alderman, I called everybody. You were my last hope.”

After seeing it with our own eyes, we put in another call to the mayor’s office to get the Water Department moving toward a solution. They vowed to remain on the case until it’s solved.

Meanwhile, it’s still a real mess inside Williamson’s home. She’ll just be glad when this ordeal is over.

She said that initially, she had been trying to reach the Water Department for a month without action. The mayor’s office told FOX 2 they had a long backlog.