Infant Swiming Resources Could Save Your Child’s Life

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(KTVI) – Summer is just around the corner. That means many kids will be flocking to the beach and pool! But you may feel a little anxious because yoru little ones don’t know how to swim.

There is a program where kids, even babies, learn to save themselves from drowning.   It’s called ISR — Infant Swimming Resources.

The technique is simple. A certified instructor puts a baby under water for five seconds, then the instructor pulls the baby back up to the surface.

” I will take them into the water, and placing them on their backs first. Just kind of showing them this is where you need to be, that’s you’re safe point. Than after that, a couple times we do that I teach them how to hold their breath. So they are going under water, and coming back up onto their backs, to that floating position.”

The drill is repeated over and over again for six weeks.  To learn more about the program, visit , enter your zip code and find an instructor in your area.


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