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Which gray biker shorts are best?

Any cyclist knows how important it is to protect your thighs and buttocks. Those areas take the most damage and are the most likely to chafe or develop sores. Biker shorts resist these possibilities plus provide additional benefits like moisture-wicking. Gray-colored options have their own benefits, though they’re minor additions.

The best gray biker shorts are the Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts. They use a strong polyester/spandex blend with a high degree of moisture-wicking, plus they’re comfortably padded in the areas that count.

What to know before you buy gray biker shorts

Benefits of the color gray

There are only two real benefits of the color gray in biker shorts, and they’re small benefits at that. The biggest is their ability to hide dirt, sweat and other grime while worn during heavy use. They also absorb a little less sunlight than black shorts, so they stay a little cooler for a little longer.

Types of biker shorts

Gray biker shorts can be split into tight and loose varieties.

  • Tight biker shorts are made from one layer of fabric. These make them cooler and more comfortable for biking in hot weather. They’re also slimmer so they create less drag, letting you go a little faster. They’re slightly better for road biking.
  • Loose biker shorts are made of two layers: a tight inner layer and a loose outer layer. They can be more comfortable, especially if you find yourself walking frequently. For this reason, they’re slightly better for mountain biking.


It’s important to find an exact fit when shopping for gray biker shorts. Being too small leads to restriction of the leg’s circulation and ability to move freely. Being too large will allow the material to move around, causing considerable chafing. Most sellers have sizing charts and a return policy to help you find the perfect fit.


Most gray biker shorts end somewhere between the mid-thigh and just above the knee. There’s no real benefit to either, so choose what feels most comfortable to you.

What to look for in quality gray biker shorts


Most gray biker shorts have a main material and an elastic material.

  • Main materials are usually polyester or nylon. Polyester is more common and usually more affordable. It tends to feel softer than nylon and usually comes in more color options. Nylon is more durable.
  • Elastic is nearly always spandex. You may see elastane listed instead, but this is just the generic term for spandex. Try to pick a pair of biker shorts that’s between 15-20% spandex.


Some gray biker shorts include pockets, or occasionally just one. If you use your smartphone for navigation, documentation or any other reason that necessitates being able to reach it quickly you’ll want to have a pocket. They’re more commonly found in loose shorts, but tight shorts also feature them in some instances.

How much you can expect to spend on gray biker shorts

Gray biker shorts are available in a tight range of prices but have a wide range of quality. Shorts around $20 are good enough for occasional bikers, shorts around $30 meet enough standards for nonprofessional bikers and shorts around $40 are for serious bikers.

Gray biker shorts FAQ

Do gray biker shorts have special washing requirements?

A. Generally speaking, no. Most gray biker shorts are machine washable. Nearly all are recommended to be air-dried as the heat of a dryer can shorten their life span. Some shorts aren’t machine washable at all while others that can be machine washed are still recommended to be washed by hand. Your shorts will include detailed washing information, it’s best to stick to that.

How long does it take for a pair of biker shorts to lose their elasticity?

A. That depends on your biker shorts. The more expensive your shorts are, the longer they tend to hold their elasticity. Some top-dollar shorts will develop holes in their material or have their padding be worn down to uselessness long before their elasticity begins to weaken. Cheap shorts may not have tight, comfortable elasticity out of the bag, let alone last longer than a few months.

What are the best gray biker shorts to buy?

Top gray biker shorts 

Sponeed Cycling Shorts

Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts

What you need to know: These gray biker shorts are comfortable and fashionable.

What you’ll love: It’s available in six sizes from small to 3XL. The 80/20 polyester/spandex blend allows for high degrees of moisture-wicking and breathability. The elasticity isn’t too strong and remains usable for a long time. It’s machine washable and has elements of antimicrobial technology.

What you should consider: Some consumers disliked the heavy amount of padding. A few struggled to find a size that fit appropriately. There is no pocket option.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top gray biker shorts for the money

Hanes Performance Compression Shorts

Hanes Performance Compression Shorts

What you need to know: These budget gray biker shorts are perfect for the casual athlete.

What you’ll love: It’s available in five sizes from small to 2X-large. The 84/16 polyester/spandex mix is breathable and wicks away moisture. The waistband is elastic for a tight but comfortable fit. It’s machine-washable. It uses flatlock seams to resist chafing.

What you should consider: Many consumers note these shorts as being smaller than expected and recommend purchasing one size larger. There is no pocket option.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Baleaf Road Bike Shorts

Baleaf Men’s Road Bike Shorts

What you need to know: These gray biker shorts have a few pros and cons that set them apart from the number one option.

What you’ll love: It’s available in six sizes from small to 3XL. It has two gray options: solid gray and black with gray accents. All sizes and both colors include two pockets. The 80/20 nylon/spandex blend is moisture-wicking and machine washable.

What you should consider: They go farther down the leg than some consumers desire. The padding can shift, causing instead of preventing chafing. The lower-leg elastic isn’t as tight as the waist.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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