Which tactical Christmas stocking is best?

A Christmas stocking probably will not be needed on the field of battle or a hunting expedition, but if you love someone who loves tactical gear, getting them a stocking with that theme will make for a memorable holiday.  The Shappy Tactical Christmas Stocking is the perfect example. Fill it with candy and other small gifts, and watch the ecstatic reaction on Christmas morning.

What to know before you buy a tactical Christmas stocking

Think outside the box 

This is an obvious choice for a veteran, but there are other groups that might love a tactical Christmas stocking with gear hanging on the mantle. Anyone who hunts likely already owns a camouflage tactical vest to keep bullets, knives and other supplies handy. They would probably get a kick out of a tactical stocking. Anyone working on a police force would also likely enjoy this gift. There are lots of tactical stockings specifically marketed to law enforcement officers. These are also great for anyone who feels they’ve outgrown their childhood stocking and want something a little tougher.  

There are levels

You could go quite literal with these stockings and fill them with tactical supplies – ammunition, pocket knives, flashlights and more. There are also plenty of ways to attach candy and other small gifts to your tactical stocking. You could go even less literal with stockings that are made of soft felt with a camouflage pattern, which is not exactly a tactical stocking, but is in the same vein. Or you could find more traditional stockings and fill them with tactical supplies.

The military is cool with it

No one is expecting an international incident Christmas morning in their living room, regardless of stocking style. Still, for the uninitiated, it may seem a little uncomfortable to buy anything that looks like it was issued by the military. There are vests, pants and holsters available to civilians that look like military uniforms. Aren’t there laws about impersonating the military or police? Yes, there are. But they apply mostly to body armor and convicted felons, and they vary by state. Even at the airport, your festive Christmas stocking is unlikely to raise an eyebrow. You may possibly get thanked for your service, though. 

What to look for in a quality tactical Christmas stocking

MOLLE webbing

One feature that is advertised pretty often with tactical stockings is MOLLE, which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. The military is famous for their acronyms, so tactical equipment just wouldn’t feel right without one. Also, the system of webbing and weaving straps holds anything securely to your stocking — from ammo to candy canes. 


Some tactical stockings come with Velcro spots that let you switch out different flags — for military or police. There are also ways to order and attach your recipient’s name in a way that looks authentic. 

Pockets and pouches

The MOLLE webbing will make it fun and easy to attach little gifts to the outside, but pockets and pouches allow you to hide things. A few surprises will add a lot of Christmas cheer for recipients of any age. 

How much you can expect to spend on a tactical Christmas stocking

Most tactical Christmas stockings cost $12-$15. Sometimes you can even get a set of two for that price. At the upper end there are larger options that cost about $30. 

Tactical Christmas stocking FAQ

Is there going to be a problem shipping this?

A. There shouldn’t be a problem, even if you fill it with actual ammunition, but there are lots of rules, so be sure to read up on it beforehand. You can’t ship ammunition through the U.S. Postal Service. FedEx and UPS allow it, though. 

What other tactical gear is available?

A. There are almost infinite gift options for the tactical gear enthusiast in your life but some of the smaller options, which could fit inside a stocking, include tactical pens (for writing and for self-defense), tactical flashlights (metal for durability and usually in a holster for portability) and watches (extremely durable and sometimes even solar-powered). 

What’s the best tactical Christmas stocking to buy?

Top tactical Christmas stocking 

Shappy Tactical Christmas Stocking

Shappy Tactical Christmas Stocking

What you need to know: This one offers many hooks, loops and straps for lots of ways to attach gifts and treats.

What you’ll love: There is probably not a pressing need to have a waterproof stocking, but this one is and it makes it seem more authentic. It is easy to order the name patch, which you can attach to a hook-and-loop strip for personalization.

What you should consider: There are less expensive options than this one. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top tactical Christmas stocking for the money

Beyond Your Thoughts Tactical Christmas Stocking

Beyond Your Thoughts Tactical Christmas Stocking

What you need to know: This is a large stocking with personalization options and lots of room for stuffers. 

What you’ll love: This offers traditional MOLLE webbing, but also has pockets and hook-and-loop straps for attaching gifts.

What you should consider: This one does not have waterproofing, which might make it less durable.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Speed Track Tactical Christmas Stocking

Speed Track Tactical Christmas Stocking

What you need to know: This one has an especially patriotic feel with its American flag.

What you’ll love: The black piping really looks sharp and there is a sturdy carry handle. This one features waterproofing for ultimate durability and an authentic touch.

What you should consider: This is a little bit smaller than some competitors’ stockings. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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