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The most important thing you can do for your outdoor plants is to ensure they get the right amount of water so they can thrive. Not too much, not too little. 

A drip irrigation kit allows you to customize a watering system for your entire garden so that each plant can get the precise amount of water it needs.

Our favorite is the Raindrip Drip Irrigation Kit. Not only does this kit come with all the necessary components, it includes a timer as well. To learn all about drip irrigation kits, keep reading.

What to know before you buy a drip irrigation kit

What is a drip irrigation kit?

A drip irrigation kit allows you to design and build a custom irrigation system for your home garden or greenhouse. The kit contains tubing, connectors, emitters and more, and only requires a few simple tools – which are included with the kit – for assembly.

Why would I need a drip irrigation kit?

A drip irrigation system slowly delivers the precise amount of water to where a plant needs it the most: its root system. Because the soil is moist, not wet, it promotes plant growth while preventing fungus and disease. Additionally, using a drip irrigation system minimizes your water usage, allowing you to conserve water and save money on your water bill.

Plan before purchasing a drip irrigation kit

Before purchasing a drip irrigation kit, the first thing you need to do is plan your system. Count the number of locations where you need an emitter that will drip water into your garden, diagram a simple system that will connect all of those emitters to your water supply and measure the total distance from your hose bib to all other watering points. Once this is done, you’ll know which materials you need to have in your drip irrigation kit.

What to look for in a quality drip irrigation kit

The right drip irrigation kit is all about the components. Following is a list of the critical parts you’ll need in a quality drip irrigation kit.

Tubing: The tubing is a tiny plastic hose usually 1/4-inch in diameter. You will need enough tubing to reach all necessary areas.

Connectors: These small, plastic parts are used to connect and sometimes redirect tubing. There are straight, 90-degree and T-shaped connectors. Not all kits have all types of connectors.

Emitters: This is where the water comes out. They usually come in two varieties: drip and spray. The best models allow you to adjust the flow rate. You need one emitter for each area that will require watering.

Goof plugs: If you punch a hole in your tubing at the wrong spot, a goof plug allows you to fix your mistake quickly. The best goof plugs are two-sided, with a small plug on one side and a large plug on the other side.

Stakes and fasteners: These various items allow you to fasten your tubing in different ways, such as staking it to the ground or fastening it to a fence.

Tools: Whether you need to cut or punch, all the tools you need to install your drip irrigation system are included in a quality kit. Most kits also come with Teflon tape as a matter of convenience.

Hose bib connector: Since the drip irrigation system is a different size than your hose bib, you will need a connector that screws on to the hose bib and allows you to connect the drip irrigation system to a water supply.

How much you can expect to spend on a drip irrigation kit

A quality drip irrigation kit will cost between $20-$30. While it is possible to purchase kits on either side of that target zone, most homeowners will find what they need within that price range.


Q. Is a drip irrigation system hard to install?

A. While it might require patience, a drip irrigation system is not difficult to install. The bulk of the installation requires the homeowner to simply cut plastic tubing to the desired length, warm the ends of the tubing up, and press it onto plastic connectors. Connecting the system to a water supply is simply a matter of screwing a connector to your hose bib.

Q. Do I need anything other than what comes in the kit?

A. Most kits come with everything you need, including any tools required for installation. Two optional parts that do not typically come with a drip irrigation kit are pressure regulators and timers.

Q. Can I bury the system so my garden looks neater?

A. While a long run of tubing may be buried, you do not want to place any connectors underground due to the risk of clogging the irrigation system.

What’s the best drip irrigation kit to buy?

Top drip irrigation kit

Raindrip Automatic Watering Kit

Raindrip Automatic Watering Kit

What you need to know: This comprehensive drip irrigation kit includes enough components to water up to 20 plants. 

What you’ll love: This drip irrigation kit features an easy, three-step installation and includes a timer to automate the watering process. The kit is customizable and can be expanded if needed.

What you should consider: For optimum performance, some individuals will also need to install a pressure regulator.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top drip irrigation kit for the money

Koram Irrigation Kit

Koram Irrigation Kit 

What you need to know: This is a sizable drip irrigation kit that can cover an area of up to 80 square feet.

What you’ll love: With 50 feet of tubing along with 100 coupling components, 20 nozzles and 20 drippers, this kit can service a wide variety of watering needs. You can adjust each nozzle to satisfy the watering demands of individual plants.

What you should consider: Some homeowners found the overall pressure in the system to be a little low for their watering needs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Flantor Garden Irrigation System

Flantor Garden Irrigation System

What you need to know: A customizable drip irrigation system that is designed to be installed along the ground.

What you’ll love: This system is manufactured to be installed without digging – the tubing runs along the top of the ground. No plumbing skills are required for installation; just cut and connect.

What you should consider: Occasionally, a connection may pop off in hotter weather.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.


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