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Which popular Chewy dog crates are best?

Whether you’re shopping for a new puppy or you’ve had your dog for years, finding a dog crate that’s spacious, comfortable and safe is vital when it comes to training and raising your dog. Crates help to give your dog their own space and independence, without having to sacrifice your own living area. 

With a wide variety of dog crate options available, you can be sure to find a dog crate you love at Chewy. If you’re looking for a best-selling dog crate with a high safety rating, the top choice is Frisco Fold & Carry Collapsible Wire Dog Crate.

What to know before you buy a Chewy dog crate


When it comes to purchasing a dog crate, one of the most important factors to look for is safety. While every dog owner wants to purchase a crate that will keep their dog safe, you may want to opt for some additional safety features depending on the life stage and temperament of your dog. In general, a safe dog crate should have a sturdy construction stable enough to prevent any accidental crate flips or escapes. These safe options tend to utilize metal, plastic or wood in the construction and have reinforced locks to ensure full security. 


Metal: For young pups or high-energy dogs, metal crates may be the best option. High-gauge metal crates tend to be the most durable and have a high safety rating. Most metal dog crates utilize a heavy wire frame which allows for increased crate stability, airflow and visibility. For dogs who experience separation anxiety, a metal crate will likely be the best option for safety and easing anxious behavior. 

Plastic: For older or more even-tempered dogs, a plastic crate may be the perfect option. Plastic crates boast the same level of safety as metal crates but have better portability and a cheaper price tag than metal crate options. If you choose a plastic crate, determine whether the crate is chew-resistant and has any detachable pieces that could be easily swallowed or eaten. 

Wood: Crates made of wood are typically made to look like a piece of furniture, thereby eliminating the need for a standalone dog crate. While these furniture style crates are great for style, safety and durability, they aren’t recommended for high-energy dogs or young puppies who are teething, as these models are more likely to flip and are easier to chew than other crate options. 


Make sure the crate you chose is the right size and shape for your dog. The right crate should be large enough to allow your dog to stand up and lay down without being constrained. Choosing the right size crate for your dog means your dog is comfortable, safe and relaxed when it comes time to get into their crate. Check the sizing chart for any crate model you’re considering.

If you’re shopping for a puppy, it’s worthwhile to invest in a crate that can grow with them. The best way to purchase one crate that lasts throughout their lifespan is to find one with a divider panel. The dividers are placed in the crate to give your pup the optimal space for their life stage. As your pup grows, simply remove the divider to expand the cage to whatever size they need. 


While the traditional metal or plastic dog crate is designed to be neutral enough to blend into any environment, you may want something to blend in or stand out a bit more. If so, a furniture style crate may be the best option. These crates are designed to blend practicality and style for a piece of furniture that fits your home and easily doubles as a comfortable crate for your dog. Furniture style crates tend to be more expensive, but you may find that the stylish look is worth the high cost. 

What to look for in a quality Chewy dog crate

Removable tray 

Depending on the life stage and temperament of your pup, consider a crate that comes with a removable tray. These trays are made to line the bottom of the crate and catch any accidents before they make it onto your carpet. Since the trays are removable, they can easily be taken out and cleaned. Crates with removable trays are especially great for puppies who are being housetrained, high-energy or elderly dogs. 


Since crates are designed to serve as a sort of “home base,” choose a crate that’s comfortable for your dog. While some crates come with plush or padded mats, you can purchase a separate crate mat for optimal comfort for travel or longer crate periods. 


To get more bang for your buck, look for a dog crate that can be easily transported. Most metal or plastic crates are designed with carrying handles or a collapsible frame, which makes it easy to move the crate from room to room. When it comes to travel, find a crate that can transition from the home to the car — your dog will be comfortable and you’ll get your money’s worth.

If you’re someone who travels with your dog frequently, try a dog crate that can be used both indoors and outdoors. These durable crate options make it easy for your dog to tag along on all your adventures. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Chewy dog crate

Depending on the size and style you chose, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50-$300 on a dog crate from Chewy. Traditional metal and plastic crates tend to cost $50-$150, while furniture style crates cost $150-$300. 

Dog crate FAQ

Why do I need to crate train my dog?

A. Your dog’s crate should serve as their designated home and safe space. By crate training your dog, you’re reinforcing behaviors that allow your dog to feel independent, comfortable and secure within your home. Crate training is considered the best way to curb separation anxiety and territorial behaviors. While crate training your dog is a personal choice, it has long-term benefits for your dog’s emotional, social and physical health.

How can I keep my puppy from using the bathroom in the crate?

A. It typically takes puppies a little over 6 months to gain full bladder control, so it’s pretty normal for accidents to occur in the house during their first few months. If you find that your puppy is continuing to have issues using the bathroom in the crate after the 6 months, you may need to reevaluate the size of the crate. 

Since crates are meant to serve as your dog’s “den,” it’s their natural instinct to avoid using the bathroom in the same area where they sleep. However, if your puppy’s crate is too large, they may be tempted to use the bathroom in one area and sleep in the other. Try purchasing some crate dividers to limit the space of your puppy’s crate until they grow into the larger area. 

What are the best Chewy dog crates to buy?

Top metal Chewy dog crate

Frisco Fold & Carry Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

Frisco Fold & Carry Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

What you need to know: This best-selling metal dog crate can grow with your dog, making it a great option for puppies.

What you’ll love: This metal crate is incredibly durable and has reinforced locks along the front and side door, so you can rest assured that your dog is safe while crated. The included plastic liner makes cleaning up any accidents easy. The divider slots mean this crate can grow with your pet. It’s designed to be collapsible, making travel easy. It’s available in six different size options, from small to extra-large.

What you should consider: While the locks on this crate are reinforced, some consumers have noted issues with their dog escaping. If your dog has a history of escaping from crates, this may not be the best option. 

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Top Chewy dog crate for the money

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

What you need to know: Built for indoor and outdoor use, this dog crate is perfect for travel or bringing your dog along on your outdoor adventures. 

What you’ll love: The sturdy steel frame and fabric mesh cover of this dog crate along with a waterproof bottom and rounded corners make it a suitable option for indoor and outdoor use. With three different lockable zippered doors, loading your pet is simple and secure. Lightweight construction, a carrying handle and collapsible frame mean this crate can be taken anywhere. Available in five different sizes from small to large, this crate is comfortable for medium and large dogs.

What you should consider: Some buyers have noted issues with their dogs chewing through the mesh fabric or lining. 

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Worth checking out

New Age Pet Furniture Style Dog Crate & End Table

New Age Pet Furniture Style Dog Crate & End Table

What you need to know: Designed to look like a side table, this stylish dog crate is appropriate for mature small or medium dogs.

What you’ll love: The recycled wood construction makes this crate the best option when it comes to durability and look. The single door entry boasts reinforced locks and stainless steel spindles, making this crate nearly escape-proof. This table is available in four different colors and sizes.

What you should consider: At around $200, this crate is a more expensive option and may not be the right choice for young or high-energy dogs. This crate requires at-home assembly.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy


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