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Which mini soccer nets are best?

A soccer ball is the most crucial piece of equipment to play soccer, and you can play it just about anywhere. The old English saying “jumpers for goalposts” (jumper is the English word for sweater) is a nostalgic look at childhood and how children often play the game in yards and parks. Nowadays, the equipment has developed. It is way more fun for kids to use a mini soccer net than the previously mentioned jumpers. The Net Playz: Set of Two Fold-up Soccer Goals offers good quality at a reasonable price.

What to know before you buy a mini soccer net

Mini soccer nets come in various styles. It could be a pop-up soccer goal or something requiring assembly. It could be the traditional rectangular shape, or it could be something curved. You could have a pair of goals or a solitary goal. Whatever style you decide, there are other key considerations before purchasing.


A pop-up soccer goal is the easiest style to assemble, even for young children. Other kinds may require some assembly, but this should be quick and simple. Some kits might have a variety of tube sizes to make different-sized goals. They may also have different-sized nets for different ages and should have enough ground stakes for holding the goal down.


Traditional backyard soccer nets are usually 6 feet by 4 feet or bigger. A mini soccer net is smaller than this, with 3 feet by 2 feet being popular. Some can be even smaller, and the net size should be proportionate to the size of the players using them.

Age range

Most mini soccer goals claim to be appropriate for all ages. However, their small size and slightly delicate frames may not withstand too many powerful shots. Adults or older kids joining in the fun should keep this in mind when lining up those powerful free kicks and penalties. Mini soccer nets are more suitable for younger children just starting out in the game.

What to look for in a quality mini soccer net


A mini soccer net should be lightweight and easily transportable in a convenient carrying bag. The frame should be a durable and lightweight material such as PVC and be easy to assemble or pop up.  A mini soccer net should be easily taken anywhere and not just used in the yard. 


Despite being lightweight, a good mini soccer goal should be stable on the ground. It should come with enough ground stakes to securely anchor the goal, and shots should be absorbed by the net, with the goal remaining fixed and rigid.


Some mini soccer goals may come with other equipment to help get started. Keep in mind that any accessories supplied with economically-priced soccer nets will probably not be of usable quality. Adding your own accessories is recommended. A soccer ball suitable for a mini soccer net would be a child’s soccer ball. Other additions could include cones for dribbling practice or kids’ goalkeeper gloves.

How much you can expect to spend on a mini soccer net

Mini soccer nets should not break the bank and can be purchased for $20-$60. However, there are aluminum and steel framed goals out there costing over several hundred dollars.

Mini soccer net FAQ

How long can I expect a mini soccer net to last?

A. In reality, it depends on the size of the players using them. Aluminum goals may be much more expensive, but they will last much longer and be a good choice for a serious soccer player. However, the bigger the player, the stronger they are. Bullet shots may result in a mini soccer net not having a prolonged life. However, toddlers and young children learning the game should practice with the same soccer net for some time.

What can I do with a mini soccer net to improve my child’s skills?

A. Buying targets for the mini soccer net is a great way to practice shooting skills. Children can drill themselves in hitting the various targets attached to the goals. Creating obstacles with training cones and such can also help in the development of dribbling skills.

What are the best mini soccer nets to buy?

Top mini soccer net

Net Playz: Set of Two Fold-up Soccer Goals

Net Playz Set of Two Fold-up Soccer Goals

What you need to know: This set of two high-quality and durable fiber-glass goals measures 4 feet by 3 feet.

What you’ll love: These goals are durable and suitable for use in all weather. They can be easily transported anywhere in their carrying bag. The eight steel stakes make sure the nets are held firmly on many kinds of surfaces.

What you should consider: Some reviewers mentioned that it takes a little longer to set up and fold away the goals than you might initially expect.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top mini soccer net for the money

Sport Squad: Set of Two Pop-up Soccer Goals

Sport Squad Set of Two Pop-up Soccer Goals

What you need to know: Easily portable and lightweight, this pair of goals can be used anywhere from the yard to the beach.

What you’ll love: You can easily transport, assemble and stow the alloy-steel frame in its carrying bag. The 4-feet by 3-feet frame is slightly more significant for a mini soccer goal, making it usable for older children. 

What you should consider: The first assembly may require the help of an adult, but it’s plain-sailing after that.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Franklin Sports: Mini Soccer Goal

Franklin Sports Mini Soccer Goal

What you need to know: This is a sturdy-framed goal for use by smaller children looking to hone their striking or goalkeeping skills.

What you’ll love: The alloy-steel locking joints make the frame very sturdy on this 3-feet by 2-feet goal. It comes with four metal ground stakes for extra stability. The folding design allows for simple assembly and collapses easily afterward.

What you should consider: This kit only includes one goal, so teams of players need to shoot into the same goal or purchase two.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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