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Which Real Littles toys are best? 

Whether you have children in your life who are obsessed with Real Littles toys or you collect these cute miniatures yourself, you might be wondering what’s available. Although they started out as food miniatures, the line has now expanded to include miniature backpacks, sneakers, journals and more. 

They’re fun to collect and the included stationery and beauty surprises are really usable, so they’re not all style over substance. 

What are Real Littles toys? 

Real Littles toys are tiny versions of real items. They were formerly known as Shopkins, but as the line expanded out of food miniatures, the manufacturer, Moose Toys, changed the name of the line. 

What’s the purpose of Real Littles toys? 

Real Littles don’t have a purpose beyond being small and adorable. Though, of course, kids can use their imagination to play with them in a variety of ways and they make cute tiny accessories for dolls and action figures. However, they’re also collectible. You never know which items or surprises you’ll get in a pack, which adds to the fun for many fans. 

What to look for in Real Littles toys


You can find various types of Real Littles, some of which are more common than others. Some people are happy to collect any and all varieties they can get their hands on, while others prefer just one type over the others. Types include:

  • Food: These are the original Real Littles, previously known as Shopkins. Each item of food comes in pairs — one piece is a tiny figure representing the food in question and the other is a “mini pack” (a piece of branded packaging). 
  • Bags: You can find miniature backpacks, miniature handbags and miniature luggage sets. These come in a wide range of designs, including those featuring Disney characters. Inside each pack is a selection of surprise accessories. 
  • Sneakers: These micro shoes are incredibly detailed and come on a chain so you can use them as key fobs or phone charms or hang them on the zipper of a backpack.
  • Lockers: These micro school lockers come with accessories to decorate them, plus usable stationery surprises inside. 
  • Journals: Each tiny journal is lockable so collectors can safely write their secrets inside. They’re adorably small, but not too small to use. They come with stationery surprises. 
  • Cute carries: The cute carries line consists of miniature pets and carriers. The included accessories fit the pet to dress them up. 


Many Real Littles toys come with “surprises.” These surprises are tiny items that remain a mystery until they’re unpacked. Some come with stationery surprises, such as miniature pencils, stickers and stencils. Others come with beauty surprises, including micro bottles of nail polish, lip balms and compacts. Despite their small size, all these surprises are usable.


Consider how many pieces you get in a pack. Bear in mind that, with food Real Littles, the packaging and the figure count as two separate pieces. So, in a pack of 26, for example, you’ll get 13 figures and 13 matching items of branded packaging. 


Some Real Littles items have different degrees of rarity, from common to super rare. This is what makes them so collectible. Of course, the super rare items are the most sought-after and the hardest to find. 

Best Real Littles food

Best Real Littles Micro Mart Collector's Pack

Real Littles Micro Mart Collector’s Pack

You can choose from three pack sizes, containing 16, 26 or 42 pieces of adorable miniature food figures and their matching packaging. Some pieces are on view, but you’ll also get a number of hidden surprises, which adds to the excitement of receiving and opening these packs.

Sold by Amazon

Best Real Littles Lil' Shopper Pack

Real Littles Lil’ Shopper Pack

The Lil’ Shopper pack contains eight figures and eight mini packs, focusing on food items found in the freezer, such as Eggo waffles and Breyers ice cream. You get two surprise pieces and you could find something rare.

Sold by Amazon

Best Shopkins Real Littles Mega Pack

Shopkins Real Littles Mega Pack

This mega pack of Real Littles contains 26 pieces (13 figures and 13 mini packs) in adorable vending machine packaging. In addition to the items you see, you get six hidden surprises.

Sold by Amazon

Best Real Littles bags

Best Real Littles Micro Handbag Collection

Real Littles Micro Handbag Collection

In this collection, you get five individual miniature handbags, plus 17 beauty and stationery surprises. It even comes with a stylish transparent case in which collectors can display their tiny handbags.

Sold by Amazon

Best Real Littles Micro Backpacks

Real Littles Micro Backpacks

Not only do you get three miniature backpacks in this set, but also 18 cute miniature stationery surprises that really work. The style of backpacks included may vary, so there’s no guarantee as to which one you’ll receive.

Sold by Amazon

Best Real Littles Micro Roller Case

Real Littles Micro Roller Case

Moving from backpacks and handbags to luggage, this set includes a miniature roller case set, with one large case and one small. You’ll also receive a journal and 11 surprises, spanning stationery and beauty items.

Sold by Amazon

Best Real Littles Disney Bag Collectibles

Real Littles Disney Bag Collectibles

You can choose from a range of Disney handbags and backpacks, including Tinker Bell and “Raya and the Last Dragon.” Each comes with six beauty or stationery surprises.

Sold by Amazon

Other Real Littles toys

Best Real Littles Collectible Micro Locker

Real Littles Collectible Micro Locker

School has never been more appealing, thanks to this cute micro locker that comes with a miniature bag and 15 surprises. It also comes with a poster, mirror and other accessories you can use to customize your locker just how you want it.

Sold by Amazon

Best Real Littles Collectible Micro Puppy Carriers

Real Littles Collectible Micro Puppy Carriers

Just when you thought Real Littles couldn’t get any cuter, these adorable puppies in carriers come along. You can buy a set of three puppies with carriers, a single puppy and carrier or a puppy with a suitcase.

Sold by Amazon

Best Real Littles Collector Case

Real Littles Collector Case

Anyone who’s serious about collecting Real Littles might enjoy this display and storage case. It also comes with an exclusive strawberry Pop-Tarts figure and mini pack.

Sold by Amazon

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