ST. LOUIS – One day before their record-setting home-opener win last weekend, the St. Louis Battehawks spent time embracing a St. Louis tradition. Many players, coaches and staff members paid a visit to the Gateway Arch.

As part of the experience, visitors must ride up and down a decades-old Arch tram to see St. Louis from the top. It can get a bit crowded inside the tram cars, though each one can seat up to five people.

Now take that into consideration with professional football players. Many of the athletes are at least six feet tall and 200 pounds, so to fit them inside the tram car might inevitably prove more difficult than your average person.

How many Battlehawks can fit inside one of the trams? The Gateway Arch social media team recently shared an Instagram reel that leaves many people wondering.

In three separate clips shown consecutively, at least four players made it into each of the trams, though hunched down with two players squeezed on each side.

One photo shared by the Battlehawks shows at least four guys inside one of the tram cars, with a fifth person’s arm in the selfie-mode photo. That said, the vantage point of that photo makes it difficult to determine whether five football players successfully entered a car.

“How many” remains a mystery that might only be known to the Battlehawks and some witnesses. That said, the National Park Service offers this perspective on the Gateway Arch trams…

  • Each Arch tram ride can carry up to 40 passengers
  • When running near capacity, tram cars could carry more than 200 passengers per hour
  • There are five seats in each barrel, so the weight of the passengers helps keep the capsule in an upright position
  • No weight or height restrictions in the tram so long as each rider can fit inside

The Battlehawks, now enjoying a 3-1 record in their second franchise go-around, return to the Dome at America’s Center at 6 p.m. Saturday to take on the D.C. Defenders.