ST. LOUIS — A local dart tournament is celebrating a big milestone this week.

The Blueberry Hill Open Dart Tournament is celebrating its 50th annual event. The tournament started in 1973, close to the time when the restaurant and music club opened.

The Dart event brings in competitors from all over the nation. It is the largest and oldest pub tournament in all of North America.

“St. Louis has something to be really proud of,” Blueberry Hill owner Joe Edwards said. “And the dart players here are the ones who have made this tournament by showing up for 50 years.”

“Blueberry Hill is probably known just as much around the country for their darts as they are for their music, and all of the great items they have around the place,” 2020 Blueberry Open Dart Tournament champion David Madison said. “People all over the country get excited about the chance to come down here. Nothing is compared to the longevity of this tournament.”

The tournament takes place from Friday (September 9th) through Sunday (September 11th).