CHESTERFIELD — On Sunday, Cardinals legend Albert Pujols electrified fans at Busch Stadium with two home runs against the Brewers.

Monday morning, he thrilled athletes on the Sandlot.

The Pujols Family Foundation teamed up with Youth Baseball Coach James Lowe, aka “Coach Ballgame,” to host their annual Sandlot event, a baseball game for players with down syndrome.

“They love baseball, and this is a great sport when you find a way to learn it,” Pujols said. “At the end of the day, it’s about making a difference in the community and giving back.”

Coach Ballgame offers year-round baseball games and camps around the country. He helps teach the game by including stories about inspirational baseball players. His goal in hosting games is for athletes to enjoy the sport without pressure.

Coach Ballgame brings his drums to games he helps coach in and gives nicknames to the players as they come up to hit.

“This just gives me life, coming out here and seeing these kids with down syndrome smile and laugh,” Lowe said. “The Pujols family foundation, they exude this gratitude for life. They’re so thankful for everything they have. So I just come here to learn from them.”

The players on Monday brought out the bats, and Albert brought out the hugs. He met and greeted the participants of the game. The players are what inspire Pujols to continue to make a difference.

“There is a light when Albert comes around these kids and young adults,” Pujols Family Foundation executive director and CEO Todd Perry said. “It’s so welcomed for our families to come out and have an event that’s about the people we serve. The people with down syndrome.”

“God has blessed me with so much in my life and career,” Albert said. “He also has chosen me for a job like this and this responsibility, and I’m honored. I just try to make a difference all the time.”