ST. LOUIS – Henry Krey, a senior at Christian Brothers College High School, is recognized as one of the world’s premier esports players and coaches. Krey, a decorated Super Smash Bros. player, is also a driving force behind the school’s eSports program. 

Expressing his commitment, Krey stated, “I have this unrelenting drive to constantly improve. Esports has an incredibly high ceiling, and I’m reaching for it. It has significantly contributed to my personal growth, something I deeply value.” 

Overseeing the program is CBC eSports Coordinator, Damien Demongey. This program is one of the fastest-growing at the high school, with over 100 students participating year-round.  It is one of the most successful esports programs locally, with seven championships spanning various games and over 1000 match victories. 

Demongey highlighted the program’s rapid expansion: “We recognized our students’ immense interest, so we’ve gone the extra mile by acquiring 50 PCs and 30 consoles. The administration’s substantial investment has indeed translated into early successes.” 

Henry Krey’s teammate, Azaiah Vidan, who goes by the gamer name “Z,” is a junior at the school. “Z” is not only a multiple-time champion in Smash Bros. but also serves as the captain for CBC teams in other Nintendo games. 

Vidan commented on the school’s supportive community: “We often talk about the brotherhood here, and you can see it in our sportsmanship. When we observe other schools and their programs, we’re driven to be the best. I genuinely love being a part of this community.” 

The burgeoning growth of esports continues nationwide, with colleges and universities now offering scholarships to esports students. In the past year, a CBC student received a full-ride scholarship offer. 

While Krey has numerous college options, his current aspiration is to make a significant impact on the program: “We uplift each other. If I can impart even a fraction of my knowledge, I’m committed to doing so. This contributes to building a stronger program.” 

Demongey expressed the program’s current momentum: “We’re currently making significant strides in the public sector, attending events in states like Arkansas and Illinois just this past month. These opportunities were nonexistent for our students a year or two ago. The possibilities for our program are limitless.”