Chaminade proposes new hoops arena in Creve Coeur


CREVE COEUR, Mo. – The basketball arena which witnessed the rise of David Lee, Bradley Beal, and Jayson Tatum from high school stars into college standouts may be ready to give way to a new home.

On Tuesday, representatives for Chaminade College Preparatory School will go before the city of Creve Coeur’s Planning and Zoning Commission for a public hearing regarding a new 28,000 square-foot, 1,200-seat basketball arena on campus.

According to the application submitted with city planners, a new building would ease a scheduling crunch at the private school’s existing arena, known as the Athletictron, by hosting upper school basketball and volleyball games and practices. It will also make future Athletictron renovations easier, the school said.

City officials are recommending approval for the project with a handful of stipulations, citing the fact that it should not create additional noise or traffic.

The arena would still need a vote for final approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission and then City Council before moving forward. The application gave no indication of a timeline for the proposed construction and opening of the arena.


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