ST. LOUIS – The NCAA has changed its overtime rules for men’s and women’s soccer for the upcoming 2022 season.

Regular season games will no longer have overtime. When the regular 90 minutes is over, the score will stand. Previously, teams played two 10-minute overtime periods in a golden goal format. If neither team scored during that, the game ended in a tie.

If, in conference tournaments and during NCAA postseason games, the score is tied after 90 minutes the two teams will play two 10-minute overtime periods. Those periods will not use a golden goal format. The NCAA will also implement a substitution rule. When a substitution is made by the winning team in the last five minutes of the second overtime, the game clock will stop. If the score is still tied after the two overtime periods, a penalty-kick shootout will decide the winner.

Both Saint Louis University soccer teams are in the middle of their spring exhibition seasons. Each of them is the defending Atlantic 10 Conference Champions.