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Three-time Olympic steeplechase competitor Emma Coburn is just one of the world-class athletes headed to Eugene, Oregon for the 47th Nike Prefontaine Classic.

The event will take place at Hayward Field on May 27 and May 28 on the University of Oregon’s campus. It is named after the legend Steve Prefontaine who set American records in many long-distance events. The Pre Classic is the only professional track and field Wanda Diamond League event held in the United States.

Coburn, an Olympic bronze medalist, three-time Olympian, World Champion, World silver medalist, and nine-time US Champion, is set to compete.

“If there’s ever been a time that you wanted to see the world’s best compete, but didn’t want to fly across the world, this is the chance,” she said.

Coburn said she first got into steeplechase, a 3,000-meter race with 28 barriers and seven water jumps, during her last few years of high school. Because she played other sports and was good at jumping, her dad suggested she tried it.

“I was pretty good at it right away,” Coburn said.

She lives and trains in Colorado. She runs about 90 miles per week.

“Prefontaine will be my very first steeplechase since the Tokyo Olympics and those Olympics didn’t really go my way so I’m really eager to get out there and get back to the event that I love so much and kind of show my fitness in Eugene,” Coburn said.

She is also very serious about her nutrition. She even has a cookbook out called “The Runners Kitchen.”

“I wanted to write a cookbook that had some more traditional healthy recipes, but then also some more, what people would perceive as indulgent recipes too because that’s how I eat. it’s important to give your body all the fuel it needs,” Coburn said.

She competes on May 28.