ST. LOUIS — Former NFL running back Laurence Maroney was back at his alma mater, Normandy High School, to host a mental health awareness day for athletes.

Many vendors took part in the event, including professionals in the mental health industry. Even the Saint Louis University Women’s Basketball team made an appearance.

The message was about mental health, particularly for athletes, and letting people know it’s okay to ask for help.

“It is definitely important, more so for the athletes, because for a long time, it was something that always get overlooked,” Laurence said. “Nobody ever focuses on the athlete’s mental (health). But like I say is really for the community. I didn’t want to have all these resources just for the athletes. I wanted to make sure everybody in the community can get these resources. We have a lot of vendors that are out helping put on this event. So, I am very grateful for them.”