FESTUS, Mo. – It’s homecoming night at Jefferson High School, and finally a long-awaited switch in weather under the Friday night lights.

Fall is in full swing, and temperatures have cooled down considerably in recent days. With gametime temperatures around the 50s or 60s for many St. Louis-area games, players and fans alike welcome the change.

“I’m definitely ready for football weather,” said Elaine Frisk, mother of two attending the Jefferson High School football game.

From big jackets and bundled up blankets, the fans in the stands aren’t the only ones enjoying the frisky fifties out on the field.

“I do enjoy the cold weather type. It’s definitely what everybody says. It’s the cold weather football type starting to kick in,” said quarterback Cole Williams.

From the 50-yard line to the end zone, winding down weather is helping the undefeated Jefferson Blue Jays during their homecoming game. They won 26-12 over Grandview to improve to 7-0.

“Less water breaks, so the games go a little bit quicker, but it’s also cooler,” said Jefferson head coach Matt Atley.

It’s not the only thing carrying the camaraderie.

“People come out [and] have all their Blue Jays stuff on,” said Frisk. “The kids see that, and they end up feeding off that, and playing pretty good for it.”

A break from the heat, fans say, is exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

“It makes everybody want to come out more with it being cooler,” said Randy Grynier, who’s been coming to the football games, since the conception of the team.

For the Festus football crowd, game nights always have bleachers bombarded. But with fall in full swing, it will only add to the chanting and cheering of the crowd.

“They’re used to playing in big crowds, which is awesome,” said Atley. “It’s what we love about this community, and it’s what we continue to improve on.”