KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tickets to this weekend’s Kansas City Chiefs playoff game at Arrowhead may be cheaper than you think.

The AFC Divisional Round matchup with the Buffalo Bills Sunday is the league’s cheapest by a wide margin. Tuesday night, many tickets were cheaper than they were for the regular season.

This season Chiefs ticket prices were at an all-time high for full capacity Arrowhead after an unusual 2020. That included a get-in lowest price of $330 for a November meeting with the Dallas Cowboys.

But some people saw the Chiefs beat the Steelers in the Wildcard round for less than $100 a piece, and prices haven’t climbed all that much as they get set to take on the Bills this Sunday.

“We’ve still seen it be comparable to a lot of the midseason games. For a playoff game in January it’s always a little surprising to see that,” Jason Durbin, Tickets For Less V.P. of Ticket Operations, said.

The Overland Park ticket broker checked out the cheapest ticket anywhere in the stadium for all four NFL Playoffs game this weekend, and tickets for the Chiefs at $129 were roughly half the price for tickets to go the Titans or Packers at $251 and $259. The cheapest Rams vs Buccaneers tickets were going for $213.

“It’s surprising because I would suspect them to be more than the regular season. Even though we’ve been there multiple times it seems like Chiefs games are always expensive just because we’re good,” fan Matthew Garber said.

Durbin said there are several factors at play. Last weekend’s wild card game meant four straight years of at least two home playoff games.

“Some people have gone to games over several years in a row now and they have to start picking and choosing what games they want to go to,” Durbin said.

Then there’s the opponent, whose fans haven’t exactly been gobbling up tickets.

“The Bills with them being here last year and also earlier this season we haven’t seen as many as we did last season because they’ve been out a few times now,” Durbin said.

Even with prices less than the regular season, tickets in the lower bowl will still probably cost you more than $250.

“If I’m going to spend money on a Chiefs ticket I’m going to get a good ticket I’d rather get a good ticket than watch from the freaking nosebleeds,” Spencer Klaus said.

And after a mid-week freeze, warmer weather this weekend could have prices rising along with the thermometer before kickoff. The Chiefs potential opponent in the AFC Championship will be decided Saturday.

“I could definitely see the divisional round spike if the Titans end up getting that win on Saturday because it will definitely make it the last home game no matter what happens,” Durbin said.