KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Days before tallying 10 catches for 148 yards and a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs said the Chiefs were one of the toughest defenses he had faced.

Diggs joined teammate Von Miller on “The Von Cast” and named several defensive backs and defensive units that challenged him.

Among his list are Miller’s 2015 Denver Broncos, the Legion of Boom era of the Seattle Seahawk, a Patrick Peterson in his prime, the Los Angeles Rams, and Kansas City.

“Kansas City obviously presumes some type of difficulty because they do so many different things to try to take you out the game as a receiver that’s possible,” Diggs said. “You can do whatever you can to try and get the ball, and having that offensive mind and those OCs that helps, but KC is obviously one of the good defenses.”

In January, the Chiefs defense held Diggs to just 3 catches and 7 receiving yards in the electrifying matchup in the AFC divisional round of the playoffs.

In that game, Diggs only found the endzone on a two-point conversion play, as he watched his fellow wide receiver Gabriel Davis score a historic 4 touchdowns.

Diggs had a much better outing in Week 6 and the both teams believe they have a chance of running into each other again in the postseason.