KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The support is pouring in for late Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Head coach Andy Reid went to BYU and graduated in 1981. Leach graduated from BYU in 1983 but Reid said he was a little older and didn’t go to school with leach but he knew him.

Leach visited Reid and his staff in Philadelphia while Reid was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

“It’s a sad deal. He left a nice legacy behind him,” Reid said about the 61-year-old coach who died from a heart condition.

Reid shared a story about Leach and his interaction with former President Donald Trump before he was president.

“We got talking about that years ago even before Donald was the president. And he goes, ‘Oh yeah, I was walking through New York. I saw the tower. Went up, introduced myself to him.’ Like it was no big deal,” Reid said with a laugh.

“He talked himself through. Donald had security back then too. He talked himself through that and then Donald found him, that kind of person out. He was just a unique, unique guy. And that’s the way he coached. And that’s why everybody loved him – for that.”

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes didn’t play for Leach but his college head coach at Texas Tech and Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury played for Leach when he was a quarterback in college at Texas Tech.

Mahomes said Leach had a huge influence on him because of Kingsbury.

“The way that I play the sport I feel like it fits that scheme very well of just finding space throughout the field and even though he might not see that ‘Mike Leach coach’ in the NFL, I feel like a lot of his schemes and type of how to play has kind of infiltrated the NFL,” Mahomes said.

“So obviously he was – Coach Kingsbury – that was his coach. That was Leach’s first quarterback and influenced him to become a coach, I learned from Coach Kingsbury, so I feel like I’ve learned from Mike Leach himself so just prayers to his family, man. I mean (it’s) obviously a sad deal, but his impact will be known for a long time around the NFL and around college football as well.”

“There are so many people that I’ve known that have known him and told me about the amazing stories I think everybody’s heard of the characteristics that he has. But I mean he loved football. He made a huge impact on the game.”