GLENDALE, Ariz. – Super Bowl LVII MVP Patrick Mahomes has a busy week ahead of him before he can enjoy a little down time.

But there is one thing he can’t wait to do.

Just hours after winning Super Bowl LVII and the title of Super Bowl MVP, the Chiefs quarterback returned to the spotlight to talk about his post-celebration plans.

“Once I get back home, I’m just gonna spend that time with my family. I haven’t even got to see my son yet ‘cuz he was asleep by the time I got home yesterday. So, spend that time with him and my daughter and enjoy it with them,” Mahomes said.

The Chiefs quarterback wrapped up media responsibilities in Glendale, Arizona, Monday morning before flying to Disneyland in California. Mahomes will lead a parade down Main Street U.S.A. during the visit Monday afternoon.

The Super Bowl MVP also has an appearance scheduled on Jimmy Kimmel Live! before returning to Kansas City to be a part of the Championship Parade with his teammates on Wednesday.

“We’ll enjoy it as a team, I’m sure and Chiefs Kingdom will be out there. I’m always excited to be there with them. It will be a heck of a run. Draft is in Kansas City as well, so we’ll really get to enjoy this Super Bowl win,” Mahomes said.

As the MVP reflected on Sunday night’s win, he also considered what helped him reach the milestone, including advice from his father.

“I think the biggest thing my dad instilled in me was first, follow your dream. No matter how it looks, he said to follow your dream and work your tail off. Have no regrets on how you work to get to that dream,” Mahomes said.

The Chiefs quarterback said the advice from his father helps keep him motivated. Mahomes says it’s something he wants to pass on to his children.

“How can you follow your dream to achieve that dream and how can you be a great man while you do it, so that was something that was instilled in me at a young age by my dad and it’s something that I want to instill in my daughter and my son is how can y’all be great people that make this earth a better place when y’all leave it,” Mahomes said.

Super Bowl LVII is the first for Mahomes’ daughter, Sterling, who turns two next week. The little girl joined her parents on the field for the celebration and trophy presentation following the Chiefs win. Mahomes said his son Bronze was already asleep during the celebration.