ST. JOSEPH, Mo – At the end of every Chiefs Camp practice, players participate in a helmet walk. It’s an opportunity for Kansas City’s youngest fans to get face to face with the biggest superstars, as they help carry their helmet from the field below up to the locker room. 

Most end in a hug and an autograph.

James McGinnis walked away with a brother, #61 Mitch Morse.

James: “I really appreciate how great you and all the Chiefs have been.”

Mitch: “Well we are really only as good as the people who support. Tell me about this ‘rock on thing.’”

James: “That means I love you.”

Mitch: “Oh, that’s awesome, huh!”

“We just hit it off. It’s very emotional for me, to be honest. You find a guy like James who has gone through such a traumatic injury, it just hits home. I have a brother that had a traumatic brain injury,” says Morse, Chiefs Center

It was on September 12, 2014, that James suffered a subdural hematoma on the field while playing for Olathe East High School.

Doctors doubted his ability to even survive, let alone a full recovery.

The 22-year-old took those challenges in stride. He no longer needs a wheelchair and even has some dance moves for KC Wolf.

A green nametag also awaits his arrival – Chief’s Family it says. Mitch and James have stayed in touch.

“It is really awesome how all of Chiefs Kingdom has allowed me to become a part of the family in some way or another,” says McGinnis.

Talks after practice in 2018 now involve scheduling lunch plans, and this time next year, James may flash a set of keys. Doctors, plan on putting him in a driving simulator in October.

Reporter: Does that scare you? I know that scares me a little bit….

“No! I will be a led foot!…. Yeah!”