KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After the conclusion of the preseason, 53 Kansas City Chiefs players were happy to hear they made the roster. But for new additions to the roster, they may be higher on the depth chart than originally expected before even St. Joseph.

Wide receiver Justyn Ross played so well, the Chiefs went with seven receivers, and General Manager Brett Veach says the coaching staff will start off Ross with some offensive packages to gradually get more engaged with the offense.

“Yeah, I feel like throughout the whole preseason, like, that was my plan, to just prove that I belong here and I feel like I did that,” Ross said. ” I really focused on my route running and I was coming off an injury to, so I was just making sure I keep everything strong and go through a good offseason.”

Players like defensive end Felix Anudike Uzomah will factor in more in his rookie season with Chales Omenihu out the first six games and Chris Jones yet to report with communication between both sides ongoing. He’ll be ready to contribute.

“Preseason so far, I mean, I learned a lot throughout the whole preseason, I learned how the speed is edge wise, so it was a pretty good preseason for me. I missed OTAs so I had a little bit of catching up to do, but these preseason games helped me a lot,” Uzomah said. “I can’t take this for granted, I got to work as hard as I can each and every day so I can be able to have my best performance.”

But the rookie whose seemed the most time with the 1’s through camp and in preseason camps, defensive back Chamarri Conner, the starters are embracing him.

“Chamarri’s a special character, he can play it all, he can play nickel, he can play dime, he can play safety,” safety Justin Reid said. “Versatile player, smart player and willing. He’s willing to run, he’s willing to learn. Always looking for ways to improve and he listens to good advice as he comes along. So, he’s going to help us this year, he’s going to have a role and make some big plays for us.”

And in just over week, no time to be nervous. Time to contribute.