KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Kansas City Chiefs legend brought the championship party with him when he arrived in Chiefs Kingdom.

Former Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles handed out free Bud Light to fans ahead of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Parade.

Charles said he didn’t buy into concerns when Tyreek Hill left for Miami. He said he knew this year’s Chiefs team would be special long before it arrived in Arizona.

“This season’s been amazing for the Chiefs, what they’ve accomplished. They do it for one reason. To win a Super Bowl,” Charles said. “A lot of people doubting ‘cuz Tyreek Hill left and I already knew ‘cuz with Andy Reid it doesn’t matter. His offense don’t run through one player, it runs through multiple players on the team.”

The former Chiefs star said Reid is one of the best coaches in the history of the NFL. He said players and fans need to realize what they have and enjoy it.

“People gotta cherish this. Really take advantage of this time, especially being around great coaches, great organization,” Charles said. “This opportunity don’t come a lot.”

Charles said he also wanted to make sure the Super Bowl Champs received one message from him.

“I’m just proud, telling them congrats and keep on with the success . Don’t let this stop the legacy. Keep going,” Charles said.