KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark apparently has a good taste in sports teams.

The senior is one of the best players in college basketball and will be on the ManningCast during the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles matchup on Monday Night Football while she roots on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Clark stated back in April on “Defending the Kingdom” that she is a huge Chiefs fan, along with the rest of her family.

“It started with my dad. He’s a big Kansas City Chiefs fan, so my older brother was then a Kansas City Chiefs fan, and I wanted to do whatever my older brother did,” she said.

Her family kept apparel such as helmets and even a Chiefs vending machine.

In fact, according to her, her Chiefs fandom started long before the glory days that you see now, when the Chiefs didn’t always have the best product on the field.

“We always were Chiefs fans, even way back when they weren’t as good obviously as they are now,” Clark said. “We also have a lot of family in Kansas City, so we would always try to go to one game a year with my cousins.”

“It’s not something I just hopped on the bandwagon when we got really really good. I’ve always been a true fan.”

Clark has also received support from the Chiefs. Chris Jones hooked up Clark with some tickets and a signed jersey and Brett Veach got Clark on the field when they faced the Seattle Seahawks last season on Christmas Eve.

It’s fitting Clark is joining the ManningCast a week after Patrick Mahomes made an appearance last Monday.

Her ability on the court is similar to that of Mahomes, with their unconventional style of play and improvisational skills on the court.