KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Preparations are underway for Sunday’s big game at Arrowhead.

The Power and Light District in Kansas City, Missouri is expecting a big turnout of Chiefs and Bengals fans for watch parties.

“I think all the Chiefs fans and Bengals fans coming down to Kansas City whether they’re going to the game or not, we’re just like the hot spot to be,” Power and Light Event Manager Victoria Quintero, said. “The second best place to watch the game so I think the energy levels are crazy and I’m so glad we’re in Kansas City.”

Power and Light may be calm now, but it’ll be the opposite come Sunday.

“High energy, we’ll have a DJ out on the stage, lots of giveaways, prizes, game watch,” Quintero said. “We’ve also got game watch and stadium eats.”

Quintero said they’re preparing for a larger crowd since the championship game is KC. but the work isn’t only happening there.

Sports clothing store, Rally House, is busy too.

“Ever since they won the game it’s been a lot more people coming in getting some gear for Sunday’s game,” Employee Blake Baldwin said. “We’ve been selling a lot of Jerseys. There’s been some stuff we’ve been taking down from the vortex, the more popular stuff that we feel like the customers would be interested in buying.”

Baldwin said they’re also getting more shipment in and prepping the store for those last-minute shoppers.

“We will be doing some cleaning, vacuuming to make sure the store looks all nice and good,” said Baldwin.

Both businesses are getting the work done to make sure fans have a great experience.

If the Chiefs win Sunday, Rally House said championship shirts will be on sale after the game.