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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department has important information for anyone going to the Kansas City Chiefs game Sunday, especially for people who are traveling to the city from out of town.

“We just worry that that they may present people with an opportunity to take advantage of that situation,” Sgt. Jake Becchina said Thursday.

Becchina wants to make sure fans use caution before they buy tickets.

“Absolutely. Yes,” Becchina said when asked if people ever call them saying they’ve been scammed.

Becchina said the Economic Crime Section of KCPD investigates these situations all the time. He hopes to keep this crime at a minimum, especially if there are a number of home games.

“If somebody is the victim of that, we ask them to make a police report,” Becchina said. “Sometimes, it may be frustrating. You may think, ‘Oh nothing’s going to be done about it,’ but it is a documentation. It will get investigated. Our Economic Crime Section will get that case assigned.”

Becchina hopes fans buying tickets from outside the Chiefs use a reputable site.

“If you’re buying from us online or buying from us over the phone, you’re getting our best price in essence. The price is the price,” Tickets for Less Director of Sales and Service Carson Brackney said Thursday.

Brackney said the only thing you’d pay extra money for on his website is a sales tax, but for a local game like the one on Sunday, that’s not even the case.

“For a Kansas City event, there wouldn’t even be an additional fee structure,” he said.

KCPD said not to post pictures of your tickets online, especially the barcodes, because those can be easily stolen.