KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Chiefs Kingdom stretches far and wide. Henry Winkler will soon experience it in Kansas City.

Winkler said he will be in Kansas City on March 11 for an appearance at World of Wheels at Bartle Hall.

Chiefs fans have also heard Winkler expressing his love for the team.

Winkler called the Rich Eisen Show during the middle of the Chiefs Championship Parade last week and talked about the playoffs hype video he recorded for the team.

“I said ‘I told you the rituals that everyone of you have it’s gonna take us to the Super Bowl. It worked. We did this together. Why don’t we meet next year and just do it all over again?'” Winkler said during the interview with Eisen.

Winkler and Mahomes had planned to get together for dinner at some point following the NFL season, but the Barry star said he hasn’t heard from Mahomes yet.

He said he knows how busy Mahomes is right now and plans to “give him a minute,” but did mention the March 11th possibility in Kansas City.

Winkler expressed his pure love and amazement of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes earlier this season. The two even met on the sideline when the Chiefs played the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium.

Listen to the entire Henry Winkler interview on the Rich Eisen Show, including how Winkler watched the Chiefs win Super Bowl LVII.