KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The highly anticipated NFL schedule is officially out and the Chiefs will open the 2023 season hosting the Detroit Lions.

Now, while the Lions are going into the upcoming season with high expectations, multiple teams were viewed as better suitors for the Chiefs to kick off the season against.

The Philadelphia Eagles, Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills were considered prime options.

NFL Vice President of Broadcast Planning, Mike North, explained why the Detroit Lions were selected for opening night.

“The truth is any one of the Kansas City home opponents would’ve been great,” North said. “We looked at Philly, would’ve been fun for a Super Bowl rematch, just kind of pick up where we left off in February.”

“Any of the division games would’ve worked, Cincy and Buffalo would’ve been great. Any of the Kansas City games would’ve been great.”

The Lions closed the 2022 season very strong and that momentum played a huge role in them earning a spot in the bright lights.

“The last time we saw the Lions they were winning eight of 10 and going into Lambeau and ruining the Packers season. They’ve earned this. They have earned this spotlight, they have earned this platform.”

Every team doesn’t receive a primetime game and the NFL has prioritized teams playing their way into the national spotlight.

The Chiefs will kick off the NFL season against the Lions September 7, where they will also raise their third Super Bowl banner.