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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – He might not be able to tell Dak Prescot apart from Patrick Mahomes, but now Aaiden Diggs has signed jerseys from both of them.

Aaiden got the exciting gift from the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback on Christmas morning.

He made headlines earlier this year when his dad, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, brought him to see his favorite quarterback, Dak Prescott. But the 4-year-old was a little confused.

“So you’re Patrick Mahomes?” Aaiden said, as seen in an episode of NFL Films’ “Hard Knocks.”

Apparently that wasn’t the only time Aaiden had mixed the two NFL stars up.

“You think I’m Patrick Mahomes still? Whose jersey is this?” Prescott said, pointing to his Cowboys’ jersey as they all laughed.

“I mean not Patrick Mahomes; you’re Dak Prescott?” Aaiden said. “Good to see you.”

Prescott later signed a jersey for his teammate’s son and even brought him a new jersey signed by him.

“Now you can wear one and hang one up,” Prescott said. “I’m gonna sign it and I’m gonna write on it, ‘Not Patrick Mahomes’ so you remember.”

Now, Aaiden has another jersey to add to his collection. Hopefully, this doesn’t make things more confusing for him though.

“To Aaiden Diggs, keep being the star you are. Can’t wait to see you in the NFL one day,” Mahomes wrote on the Chiefs jersey.