KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City native Heidi Gardner said it’s her dream for the dynamic Chiefs duo of Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes to host Saturday Night Live.

Gardner, who joined SNL in 2017, appeared on The Ringer, a podcast hosted by Bill Simmons, and was asked what it would be like if Mahomes were to host the show. She said combining the former NFL MVP with the All-Pro tight end would be perfect.

“Oh my God. I can’t. It’s like my biggest dream. I wish they would do a Mahomes-Kelce co-host, because I think Travis Kelce is actually hilarious, super charismatic, and he would balance the part of Mahomes that might be a little more reserved or nervous,” Gardner said. “I think they’d be a great double duo.”

Gardner added that if it were to actually happen, she wouldn’t be able to help herself from acting like the annoying little sister.

SNL?!? Would be a dream come true!


Both Kelce and Mahomes seemed to be into the idea.

Let’s do it my man!


Their defensive teammate, Khalen Saunders, even hopped into the conversation telling them to make sure they made room for him.

It is highly unlikely that the pair of All-Pros make an appearance while in season, but when the season is over, anything goes and as we’ve seen in the past, Mahomes and Kelce love spending time together in the offseason.