KANSAS CITY, Mo. – From the NFL field to commercials during the game, it seems like Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is everywhere. But, you’ve never seen him like this.

Dylan Sadiq is an artist known as TheCollegeCuber. He creates images of athletes and other notable people using hundreds of Rubik’s cubes.

Mahomes is one of Sadiq’s latest projects. He said each cube creation takes a lot of time to envision before it actually begins to take shape.

“Each one of my mosaics they take about three hours. So there’s a lot of planning going into my mosaic,” Sadiq said. “I study the pictures of these athletes for anywhere between two hours and two days. So I was looking at all types of pictures of Mahomes on online and then I draw a nice little picture for myself and I get started.”

Sadiq said he used 560 cubes to create the mosaic of Mahomes.

He doesn’t just make art out of NFL players, in fact, he may be better known to fans of other pro sports leagues.

“I’ve done tons of athletes across all sports including the Premier League. Manchester United is one of my top ones,” Sadiq said. “I’ve done them for the NFL account. I did Roger Goodell. He’s one of my recent ones. I’ve got posted on the NHL, like Instagram and TikTok several times. Literally anything you could think of, I’ve made every athlete so far.”

Sadiq said the Tennessee Titans took notice and bought one of the cube creations he made of the team’s logo. He said Derrick Henry also bought one.

He said word of mouth and requests are also how he decides which athletes he plans to create.

“I get requests by the professional sports teams online. So the Chiefs left a comment on my TikTok and that’s really how I choose my athletes. They asked for Mahomes,” Sadiq said.

You might need a pro athlete’s salary to afford one of Sadiq’s cube creations. They come with a custom case and sell for $8,000 each.