KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had a monster game as Kansas City defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to advance to the AFC Divisional Round.

According to the NFL, Kelce is the first player in NFL history to throw a touchdown, catch a touchdown and have more than 100 receiving yards in a single playoff game. The touchdown also adds his name to an exclusive list of players who have completed a touchdown pass in a playoff game.

After the game, Kelce said it’s the 2-yard touchdown pass to Byron Pringle that he’ll always remember.

“You don’t get every opportunity every single week to throw the ball, and I thought I exhausted my opportunities,” Kelce said. “When I threw a pick in New York a few years ago and and last year in Tampa, threw an incompletion, so I didn’t, I didn’t think I was going to get another opportunity. But shout out to Coach Reid for still having some faith in me.”

Reid said that with Kelce’s record, he was just looking for a completion, but was happy with the touchdown.

“He sure did a nice job with that one. And it wasn’t, it didn’t end up the way it was necessarily supposed to end up but the touchdown was was great. So yeah, played a little bit different look. He hung with it through through some seams there,” Reid said.

The trick play came with some very specific instructions according to Kelce. He said he was told not to read the defense and the only receiver he could target was Pringle. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had something to say about that when asked to critique Kelce’s pass following the game.

“He slid in the pocket. He made a little, he dropped his arm down, made a little sidearm throw,” Mahomes said. “I’ve been a little upset because I thought I was open in the flat, but they told him not to throw me the ball. So I’ll talk to Coach Reid about that. Maybe be the second option there.”

The touchdown completion also completed a promise Kelce said he made to his mom decades ago, it just took awhile to happen.

“Oh man, to finally throw a touchdown like I used to tell my mom when I was like five years old. I was gonna eventually throw a touchdown in the National Football League. I finally got it done. It only took me nine years,” Kelce said following Sunday night’s win.