KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On the latest episode of former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill’s “It Needed to Be Said” podcast, the Cheetah sits down with co-host Julius Collins and Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer to talk about the two matchups against the Bills last season.

In Week 5, the Buffalo Bills walked into Arrowhead Stadium and forced four turnovers on their way to a dominating 38-20 win on Sunday Night Football.

Hill finished that game with 7 catches for 63 yards.

“A lot of things didn’t see eye to eye in the building, a lot of people, I just don’t want to say, were going through some things, so they beat our ***,” Hill said. “It was very embarrassing, but I know for me, I play football, I’m not a crier after a game, I’ve never cried a day in my life, but that was one of those moments.”

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw two interceptions in Week 5, including one that hit off the hands of Hill and was returned for a pick-six by Bills safety Micah Hyde. Despite Poyer telling Hill that it wasn’t a good pass, Hill said it’s his job to catch it.

Hill: I feel like I gave Micah a free one.

Poyer: You did. It kinda hit you in the back.

Hill: I’m supposed to catch it. I’m a pro athlete. I’m supposed to catch the ball.

Poyer: He kinda threw it a little behind you, though.

Collins: Don’t say that on here.

Hill: It was a good ball! All the Chiefs fans, it was a good ball!

It was a great pass. I’m not being sarcastic either.

Poyer: Pat know he one of the best in the game, bro.

Collins: You done did it, Jordan!

Hill: Now, I’m gonna get death threats again.

It Needed To Be Said – Episode 6

The Bills and Chiefs faced-off again in an explosive AFC Divisional Round matchup, once again at Arrowhead Stadium.

Hill said it was Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy who helped motivate the team into a perfect week of practice,

“Our offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, like he’s a madman. He was cussing us out all week. Saying, ‘Y’all let these MFs come in here and whoop y’all like that. Like, c’mon man, y’all gotta have some respect on y’all name in this building, in this organization,'” Hill said. “I could just sense in the guys’ eyes and hearts, and I just felt the energy. Like guys like really took that and like ran with it, the whole week. Like practice was perfect. No drops like during the whole week. Defense was flying around. Everybody was doing what they were supposed to do. And we all were on the same page.”

The Chiefs wound up winning in overtime after coming back to score a game-tying field goal with 13 seconds left in regulation and winning the coin toss.

Poyer said he is using that loss as motivation when they travel, again, to Kansas City in the 2022 season.