ST. LOUIS – For many, the pinnacle of bowling is a perfect 300.

Having bowled a 300 over 20 times, local Professional Bowling Association pro Tim Gruendler had his sites set on a more impressive number.


He nearly got it.

“It was awesome,” Gruendler said. “It’s definitely the greatest accomplishment of my career so far.”

300. 279. 300.

In a three-game series, Gruendler was just one frame shy of an incredible 900 series, finishing with a total of 879 in front of his St. Louis Bowling community.

He hopes to take that momentum into the 2023 U.S Open in Indianapolis beginning on Jan. 29, where he will go up against a field of over 100 of the country’s top bowlers.

“Right now, the focus is on winning,” Gruendler.