ST. LOUIS – One man’s trip to the PGA Championship led him to not only become a social media sensation but also pick up a major endorsement deal.

Photographers captured a golf fan named Mark early in the second round of the PGA Championship last Saturday. He was in the crowd watching Tiger Woods swinging away at the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa. The man was holding a Michelob Ultra with two hands while observing the golf legend.

Photos of Mark went viral on social media over the weekend, so much so that he created a Twitter account known as the Michelob Ultra Guy. While many people were photographed trying to capture Woods on their phones, Mark held a Michelob Ultra with two hands. Golf fans, and Michelob Ultra, took notice of how he enjoyed the moment without using his phone.

A spokesperson from Michelob Ultra tells FOX2 that Mark currently lives in Kansas, but previously lived in the St. Louis area for several years. “He’s fantastic. … He’s also an avid Cardinals and Blues fan!,” adds Michelob Ultra in a statement to FOX2.

Mark is now the face of several advertisements and products on behalf of Michelob Ultra. A digital video advertisement from Tuesday pans over from Woods to Mark with the message, “Some legends play in the moment. Some live in it. It’s only worth it if you enjoy it.”

Additionally, Michelob Ultra is now selling clothes and merchandise with a print of Mark. Fans can pre-order a T-shirt or hat online while supplies last. The beer giant has also teased some beer can designs featuring Mark.