Poll finds St. Louisans still want retribution against NFL, Rams


ST. LOUIS – The Rams relocated back to Los Angeles in 2016 and St. Louis football fans still haven’t forgotten.

A poll surveying 700 registered voters from the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County found 71% of respondents have been following a four-year lawsuit between the City of St. Louis and the NFL.


Remember when the Chargers and the Raiders had a joint proposal to move to Carson, CA?

Lucky for the Raiders, that never happened.

Lucky for the Chargers, it happened; and they got to move to Los Angeles.

Then there was St. Louis.

Left with no team and a dome-full of frustration, The city sued the NFL, citing breach of contract, fraud, illegal enrichment, and tortious interference, all resulting in substantial financial losses for the city of St. Louis. With estimated millions in lost revenue related to tourism surrounding an NFL franchise on top of it, the city is hoping to see a $1 billion compensation from the league for the relocation.

After four years of litigation, it appears St. Louis lawyers have the upper hand, but the case is far from over.


The poll, conducted by Show me Victories, found over 70% of St. Louis residents are still interested in the case.

Polls allowed residents to “support,” “oppose” or select “unsure” via an interactive Response system administered via telephone line from Nov. 11-13.

Notable data included general support for a jury deciding the lawsuit (56%), nearly one-half in favor of an expansion team in St. Louis (49%), 39% in favor of a $1 billion settlement, and nearly one-third in favor of the Chargers relocating to St. Louis.

For a complete look at the results of the poll, visit https://www.showmevictories.com/news/the-nfl-may-be-done-with-st-louis-but-st-louis-certainly-isnt-done-with-the-nfl/.

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