LOS ANGELES – Six years have passed since the NFL’s Rams relocated from St. Louis to Los Angeles, but that hasn’t stopped the chatter about the team’s former home.

A recent column from the Los Angeles Times touts one top official with the Rams as a ” L.A. hero” at the expense of St. Louis. Kevin Demoff has served as the Rams chief operating officer since 2009, before and after the team’s move to Los Angeles in 2016.

A new column from Dylan Hernandez claims that Demoff “symbolizes the absence of possibilities in the Rams’ former hometown [and] is now associated with the opposite in Los Angeles.” It also contends that Demoff “is a reminder of how little there is to do” in St. Louis. The column then goes on to explain the Rams renewed footprint in Los Angeles without giving other examples about St. Louis.

The column, shared via Twitter Thursday, was met with criticism in the form of hundreds of replies and quoted tweets, including FOX 2’s Martin Kilcoyne and other St. Louis reporters. It’s not the first time Hernandez has stirred the pot with a column, calling St. Louis a “dump of a city” in a January piece.

The Rams earned their second Super Bowl title last February and have made the big dance twice since departing St. Louis. In Missouri, the Rams made two Super Bowl appearances over 21 seasons. The Rams never won more than seven games a season during Demoff’s time with the team in St. Louis.