ST. LOUIS – St. Louis soccer fans dreaming of a United States victory over Iran at the World Cup now have something else to dream about: a player known worldwide by a single name: Messi.

There is hope soccer legend Lionel Messi could play a match at CITYPARK in downtown St. Louis.

The schedule for St. Louis CITY SC’s first season in Major League Soccer isn’t likely to come out until mid-December. It may include a game with Inter Miami CF.

There are new reports among soccer media that Messi may be on the verge of signing a contract with Inter Miami. That has fans in St. Louis connecting dots.

“That would be so amazing,” said a bubbling Rusty Flesner. “Could you imagine having that here?”

Flesner was at the CITY SC team store to pick up holiday gifts when he heard the news.

“It’s already huge having the soccer team here, but having a name like that? That’s amazing!” he said.

Soccer leagues typically play a home and away series against each opponent, but it’s not necessarily a lock that CITY SC would play—let alone host—a match with Inter Miami. MLS teams do not play every team, every season. For instance, Inter Miami did play in Chicago last season but not Kansas City.

“Messi’s the guy everybody knows. He’s a magician with the ball,” said Mitch Morice, a super fan and St. Louligans founder.

Morice said St. Louis having a new soccer stadium and new club, with a chance of Messi actually playing here on the heels of the World Cup, is pretty hard to believe.

In 2013, Messi was supposed to play in a friendly match at Busch Stadium for Argentina’s national team. An injury forced him to miss that match.

“I bet the marketing team over at STL CITY is salivating right now, because it’s pretty much writing itself for them right now,” Morice said. “(Messi) just changes the flow of a game immediately with one play…you can’t teach that. It is a born skill that has been honed perfectly.”

For thousands across the St. Louis region, having Messi play a match in St. Louis would be bigger than a Taylor Swift concert or even a papal visit.

“He’s just a superstar. He’s a natural soccer player. Can’t say enough about him,” Flesner said.