INDIANAPOLIS, IN — To say the Edwards family loves IndyCar fans is quite the understatement.

“This will be my 54th Indy [500] in a row,” Wes Edwards said.

The Edwards family tradition began back in the 1940’s, when Edwards’ father decided to attend the race one year.

“It’s completely in the fabric of our family now,” Edwards explained.

The tradition has naturally filtered down to Wes’ son, Hanks.

Hanks, also known as “Kid Indy” across a variety of social media platforms, attended his first Indianapolis 500 in 2009.

Hanks is now a regular at the historic race, taking photos, interviewing and spending time with some of the sports most notorious drivers.

“If you’ve never been, you just have to go,” Hanks said.

Nothing would keep Hanks and the Edwards family from that Memorial Day weekend tradition.

Not even Hanks’ high school graduation, where it is customary for Saint Louis University High School students to graduate the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, could break tradition.

“Back in December, Hanks and I met with the principal,” Wes Edwards said. “He said, ‘what I would like to propose is we keep both traditions in tact. You go to the race and we will have our graduation.'”

Once SLUH was on board, Edwards turned to the race, where Indy 500 representatives stepped up in historic fashion, allowing Hanks to graduate on the track the morning before the race.

“Graduating from the Indianapolis 500 is a phrase I didn’t think I would ever say,” Hanks admitted. “From a fan’s perspective, I think this is the highest you could go.”

Sporting a SLUH graduation tuxedo, Hanks crossed the bricks as the checkered flag waved, adding another unforgettable memory to a near 100-year tradition.

“We won’t be able to top this one,” Wes Edwards said. “And that’s okay. We don’t need to.”