ST. LOUIS — Baseball and hockey fans visited downtown St. Louis to soak up this weekend’s sports excitement.

John Pauley flew in from Denver to see the Cardinals take on the Arizona Diamondbacks Friday night. It’s Pauley’s first Cardinal game.

“I’m psyched because I’m an Arenado fan,” said Pauley. “I hear it’s puffy vest night, so that’s exciting. And I hear there are some Grateful Dead cover bands. So, I’m pumped about that.”

Also tonight, the St. Louis Blues are hosting the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The Blues with a win could grab a home-ice advantage in the regular-season finale. 

FOX 2’s Patrick Clark spoke to a group of fans who have been following the Golden Knights all across the Midwest.

“We actually just came back from Chicago,” said Angela Prime. “We were at the Golden Knights game on Wednesday, and there are always tons of people on Michigan Avenue. And we came from Vegas, didn’t know what to expect.”

Some who closely followed the Birds and the Note had to flip a coin to see which hot ticket to get.  Some opted to go with the hot plate. 

“We got all-inclusive tickets through a friend, and it’s the last game of the season,” said Blues fan Kellen Kasten. “We’re getting primed for playoffs, and I’m psyched and ready to go.”